Day Eleven….Twelve?

Day Eleven

Day of possible future today…started learning Python and procured an interview at Applebees. Been thinking all day about practicing how to show in my writing more than tell. I think I have a subject….

Day Twelve

Her days are now spent the same as the last.

I turn to her-

Her eyes full of other lives lived now shrouded by age-she wasn’t prepared for this!

Relics of moments fleeting surround, alternating comfort in memory but also symbols of death

Once an icon-vital to this space-now shrunken, shuffling—family has disappeared!

Many call it the cycle of life…death of self long before the body dies is expected-for other people…not for oneself, God Forbid!!

I glance at the garden-it keeps time, in a way

Plants as old as her are still here-

But they have the chance to be reborn every spring

The same reaching roots waging battle in a subterranean galaxy-Who will win?

But there is immortality within those non-sentient beings-given sunlight and some tending they appear vibrant, young…

How cruel it must be not to age like the flower?

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