Days Nine and Ten

Day Nine: Communication with Muse Lasts All Day. Turns out she is also suffering from the same migraine as I. We spend the day curled around jazz music, water immersion. Stay tuned..

Day Ten: Miscommunication…I don’t want to write but She insists it is important to BLEED.

A Short(?) List of Things that Scare Me:

  1. Never getting close to anyone
  2. Inability to let my children know that I truly love them

  3. That my depression and anxiety will put permanent limits on me

  4. I will never be able to connect to my family..even on a basic human level of understanding..much less respect or love(?!)

  5. I will never feel like I really belong anywhere

  6. I’m finally becoming comfortable and accepting of myself….but will anyone else especially my family given my past??

  7. I won’t have the courage to face life head on…

My mind is at peace for now…


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