Day Seven: Throwback Thursday circa 1994

Dear Diary:

Yesterday me and Helen went to the pool. We had a contest to see who could stay upside down underwater the longest—guess who won…We spent all afternoon there-she with hersunglasses and awesome bikini-me in my one piece and a book. When  finally put down the book-perfect timing-“I saw the light and it opened up my eyes..I saw the light!” I got too hot after a bit-decided to dive under the water and emerge like Little Mermaid in all my beautiful glory-look at me!

Mom picked me up-I went straight back to my room. Not sure about this new “step dad” still. Anyways, I would rather be left alone. My sisters are not at home either…probably at softball practice or something-never could see the point in standing in a hot field waiting for a ball to come out that far. So-I’m meeting up with Scott and Helen later tonight over at their house. I always have an awesome time there. Last time we played truth-or dare and we made Helen eat a bunch of lotion! Think tonight I will wear my bright red leopard shirt and pad it up a bit, in case he looks there..Wish me luck!


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