Day 4: Ruminations

A stranger in a strange land takes on new meaning for me-said I wanted adventure! I go from a small town in WI waiting, rotting to a meeting of another gentle soul, first hand experience of the ins and outs of “How to Travel in an Over the Road Truck,” through a misadventure involving  misplaced Greyhound driver and an emergency stop in Baltimore (after BronyCon I will always see it as “Baltimare-thanks Sarah!) followed by  glimpse into what it takes to haul around junk in your personal can (professional yarders?). I became a resident on an island of Maryland called Lothian where I sat with a friend waiting to die.

Ah, I have moved on, I’m afraid to tell family back home…somehow I feel like I have let them down somehow by not staying in Lothian. Song drifts through- country song-“Life’s About Changes, Nothing ever stays the Same.” Seems I have started traveling again. Currently in Virginia-about to go for the first time in my life-to Busch Gardens. I’ve already been to places is never considered possible-Smithsonian…National Institute of Art. What does life hold for me next? To be continued…


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